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Public Parking Garage

Posted by Dennis J. Stilger, Jr.
Public Parking Garage

Building Type: Public Parking Garage
Project Type: Retrofit
Qualifying Systems: Lighting
Square Footage: 220,800
LPD Reduction: 53%
Deduction Per Square Foot: $0.60
Total Section 179D Deduction: $132,480

T8 lighting retrofit was completed by a lighting designer on the West coast for a municipal parking facility. The energy efficient project led to the lighting designer securing the Section 179D allocation from the municipal owner and then to working with Concord on the required Section 179D certification and review. The project qualified for the $0.60/SF Section 179D lighting deduction, available for partially qualifying properties under Section 179D, and a deduction of $132,480 for the lighting designer. The municipal parking facility is better lit, more energy efficient, and a greater addition to the community as a result.