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Public Elementary School

Posted by Dennis J. Stilger, Jr.
Public Elementary School

Building Type: Public Elementary School
Project Type: Retrofit
Qualifying Systems: Lighting
Square Footage: 211,195
LPD Reduction: 64.40%
Deduction Per Square Foot: $0.60
Total Section 179D Deduction: $126,717.00

A community wide energy efficiency upgrade plan was started by a city in the Northeast for their local school system. The lighting retrofit project was designed and installed by a regional lighting contractor experienced with working in the school environment. One of the schools that received a complete lighting retrofit was an elementary school with 211,195 SF. The lighting contractor/designer worked with the city to secure the allocation for the Section 179D deduction and after project completion engaged Concord’s services to complete the Section 179D certification. The results produced a $126,717 Section 179D federal tax deduction for the lighting contractor.