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High School

Building Type: High School
Project Type: Retrofit
Qualifying Systems: HVAC
Square Footage: 233,366
Energy Savings: 50.90%
Deduction Per Square Foot: $1.80
Total Section 179D Deduction: $420,058.80

An architectural firm in the South was awarded the contract by a school system in the southern United States to design and facilitate the school system’s energy efficiency and building upgrades. One of the schools was a high school with 233,366 SF and the need for HVAC upgrades. High efficiency packaged and split system heat pumps were installed along with a complete lighting retrofit.

The architects were allocated the Section 179D deduction by the school system, resulting in a $420,058.80 deduction for this high school. The building qualified for the whole building Section 179D deduction as a result of reducing the power and energy costs by 50.90% as compared to a reference baseline property.