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College Administration Building

Posted by Dennis J. Stilger, Jr.
College Administration Building

Building Type: College Administration Building
Project Type: Retrofit
Qualifying Systems: HVAC
Square Footage: 40,439
Energy Savings: 51.40%
Deduction Per Square Foot: $1.80
Total Section 179D Deduction: $72,790.20

An engineering firm was selected by a small college in the Midwest to evaluate their current HVAC systems and to design much needed system retrofits. Highlighted in this case study is an administration building that received a new ground source heat pump system with building controls and C02 sensors. After completing this project, the engineering firm secured the allocation of the Section 179D deduction and worked with Concord to complete the Section 179D certification. The results of the Section 179D study showed a 51.40% power and energy savings vs. the mandated baseline building and qualified the project for the Section 179D whole building deduction of $1.80/SF or $72,790.20.