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Transportation Terminal Hub

Building Type: Transportation Terminal Hub
Project Type: Retrofit
Qualifying Systems: Lighting
Square Footage: 1,292,413
LPD Reduction: 69.60%
Deduction Per Square Foot: $0.60
Total Section 179D Deduction: $775,447.80

A major transportation hub, government-owned, was part of a system wide energy efficiency upgrade program. Part of the project involved a performance services contract with a large regional energy services company (ESCO). The overall goal of the performance contract was to increase the energy efficiency of all properties owned and operated by this state agency. This transportation hub represented one of the major locations and produced good results with the lighting upgrades, a 69.60% LPD reduction.

The ESCO, as part of their process, secured the allocation of the Section 179D deduction from the government agency. After project completion, the ESCO engaged the services of Concord to handle the Section 179D certification and resulting deduction for lighting of $0.60/SF. The total deduction was $775,447.80.