National Association of Manufacturers Urges Congress to Extend Section 179D Deduction

August 30, 2015

The National Association of Manufacturers is currently circulating a letter for individual companies to sign on to urging Congress to immediately extend the expired and expiring tax provisions, similar to the tax extenders letter the Coalition sent to Congress in 2014.  The Coalition sign-on letter will be open to companies, coalitions, associations and non-profit groups (including state/local/regional groups) to sign.  The final letter will be sent to Congress the week of September 7th.

As we previously reported, current tax extenders legislation includes language to extend and expand the Section 179D deduction.  These changes, as reported out of the Senate Finance Committee, allow for firms who have designed buildings for non-profits as well as tribal governments to claim the deduction through the same allocation process currently allowed for designers of government-owned buildings.

Concord is a supporter of the National Associated of Manufacturers efforts in regards to tax extenders, and has signed on to this letter expressing the importance of immediate passage of tax extenders to the Congress.  We urge you to do the same.  To sign on to this letter please follow this link ­­­click this link and fill out the appropriate information by close of business

For more information on how your firm can help with advocating for the extension of the Section 179D Deduction, contact Concord at 888-897-5445 or via the following link today.

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