Ways and Means Member Brady Urges Making Tax Extenders Permanent

September 16, 2015

Kevin Brady (R-TX), the second most senior member of the powerful Ways and Mean Committee, writes a forceful post on the committee website that urges Congress to make the tax provisions known as “tax extenders” a permanent part of the tax code.

“Under our current (broken) tax system, Congress lurches from year to year by renewing so-called “tax extenders,” Brady writes. “This annual practice creates uncertainty and confusion, which takes a toll on everyday Americans and costs jobs.”

Writing about the prospect of making the extenders permanent, Brady almost waxes utopian: “No more year-end drama. No more writing tax law one year at a time. Just the predictability that families and employers deserve.”

To read the whole post, go to http://waysandmeans.house.gov/providing-tax-certainty-our-work-continues/

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