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AIA Issues Study of Green Design Award-Winners

The Committee on the Environment of the American Institute of Architects has issued Lessons from the Leading Edge, a study of nearly 200 award-winning sustainable design projects that demonstrate COTE’s mission to “enhance both the design quality and environmental performance of the built environment.”

One of the report’s findings is that many of the projects “show extraordinary performance at very low or average costs, dispelling the misperception that higher building performance requires higher costs.”

“Top Ten winners are an extraordinary group of case studies from the leading edge of sustainable design over the past two decades,” said Lance Hosey, lead author of the report and a member of the COTE Advisory Group. “The projects have been studied and published widely as individual projects, but never as a group—until now. What we found is that Top Ten winners are outpacing the industry by virtually every standard of performance, but they also exemplify the integration of design excellence and sustainable performance.”

For more information and a link to the report, visit the following link.

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