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AIA Predicts Increase in Efficiency

Posted by Concord
AIA Predicts Increase in Efficiency

Over the next decade, architects will employ renewable energy and other technologies in their designs, making the design process, construction and building use all more efficient, according to a survey of leading architects by the American Institute of Architects.

On the same day, the AIA released its semi-annual Consensus Construction Forecast, a survey of the nation’s leading construction forecasters, which predicts that spending on nonresidential construction should increasing by 8 percent, continuing the strong growth it demonstrated in 2015.

“Emerging technologies are becoming the dominant force in how buildings are being designed,” said AIA Chief Economist Kermit Baker. “Buildings in their own right are becoming far more energy efficient, and certain technologies are increasing both the efficiency of the people using the buildings and the project delivery methods in which buildings are being designed and constructed.”

Baker also showed enthusiasm about the prospects for nonresidential construction.

“While rising interest rates could pose a challenge to the U.S. economy, lower energy prices, improved employment figures and an enacted federal budget for 2016 are all factoring into a very favorable outlook for the construction industry,” he said. “And after several years of challenging economic circumstances the institutional project sector is finally on very solid footing.”

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