If you’re an architect who has designed a government building* in a way that created significant energy savings, you may have earned an impressive tax deduction — as much as $1.80 per square foot — through an IRS provision called Section 179D.

But it doesn’t just come to you. You need to have the government owner of the project write what’s called an “allocation letter,” assigning you all or part of the deduction. You need to have an independent third-party entity certify the energy savings.

And claiming the deduction is a first-come, first-served situation — once all of that $1.80/SF deduction is allocated, it’s gone for that project. So time is of the essence.

Concord is the industry leader in Section 179D services:

  • Helping you determine if a project is eligible.
  • Helping you write allocation letters (we can even handle contacting your client to secure them).
  • And certifying the energy savings you’ve designed.

You’ve done the work — make sure you get the deduction you’ve earned.

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* ”Government buildings” might be schools, public colleges and universities, libraries, town halls, airports and other transportation facilities, post offices, courthouses, military bases, government offices or other publicly funded properties.

Projected Benefit Calculator

To generate a projected benefit of the Section 179D federal tax deduction for your project, please use the benefit projection tool found below:

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